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Kuja Nuri

Crimson Feathered One

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I was born in Athens, Greece. Lived in Spain for four years, moved around in the states a lot, settled in NH for six years till moving here to the dismal state of RI. Other then that I hope to get a career in animating, anime.

Well, I have moved over the past summer. I now live in the farming district in the middle of the desert in the Mojave. Joy Joy. The only good thing I guess is that I am still wearing t-shirts and not cold. ^_^. I like that. But no snow. Ah well...I go be bored as usual.

Time to spiffy this thing up a bit.

I have claimed Marluxia's virginity @ virginity_claim.

Korali Tynea~ is a sexah man~</a>

by: CraziiMonkii
Made by craziimonkii at _graphiclove

by: CraziiMonkii
Made by craziimonkii at _graphiclove

Kuja is teh vicious love<3

Rude and Reno are love

Wet-hair Robin is sexy love

Robin is Fashionable Love

The Teen Titans are hormonal love

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